Open Burn Permit Application

Permits for Open Burning in Georgetown

The Basics:
Open burning requires a permit.
A permit obtained from another town is not valid in Georgetown.
The permit must be in your possession before starting the fire.
You must remain at an open burn until it is completely extinguished.

Information On What Materials Can Be Burned
To find out what materials you can burn, go to :

Permits may only be issued after 9 AM on the day of the burn!

The Maine Forest Service issues daily Wildfire Danger Predictions daily at that time. The predicted fire danger must be no higher than Class 1 or 2. To find out the predicted fire danger on the day of your burn, go to:

To obtain an open burning permit online:
An Open Burning Permit can be obtained online for free at:
This site had been shut down by the State. However it has been reinstated and they can legally grant open burn permits as of 5 July, 2017.

To obtain an open burning permit in person:
Make an initial contact a few days before you plan to burn, if possible, at least 24 hours in advance. You can make arrangements to get your permit but final determination will be made based on current conditions on the day of the burn. Please do not call permit grantors at their place of employment and please call before you visit their home. Your cooperation in following this process will help to simplify the issuing your permit for all concerned. If you have any questions, please leave a message on the Fire Dept answering machine at 371-2772 and someone will call you back. Or you can call Justin LoDolce at 837-2111 or Dave Knauber at 371-2020.

The following personnel are authorized to issue burn permits:
Jon Hentz 371-2732
Rosemary Hentz 371-2732
Dave Knauber 371-2020
John Lebrecque 449-8411
Justin LoDolce 837-2111