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A joint Arrowsic/Georgetown group has been formed to investigate upgrading the speed of internet service available on Arrowsic and Georgetown. As information becomes available, it will be published here.
Broadband Hopefuls —

Curious about what’s happening with broadband in Arrowsic/Georgetown? Mark your calendars for the upcoming community broadband meeting…

WHERE: Robinhood Free Meetinghouse
210 Robinhood Road, Georgetown

WHEN: Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00pm

Since our last general meeting in February, the AG broadband planning team has been working with Tilson Consulting to apply for a ConnectME planning grant. That grant would accelerate our efforts to create a broadband technical architecture, organizational structure, and request for proposal (RFP) documentation — key prerequisites to upgrading our broadband. We will present an overview of the planning project including timeline scenarios, community support requirements, and collaboration with our town municipalities.

One planning deliverable is a community-supported Broadband Vision Statement. Based on prior feedback, we created a draft vision statement (attached) which will be presented for community input. We would appreciate any comments you have on this draft in advance of the meeting.

Other potential agenda items include: an update on broadband business cases; options for expanding public access to internet in our communities; “telehealth” current state and future direction; volunteering opportunities (e.g. legal support, web-site support, outreach activities).

Your input and involvement is important. Feel free to reply with any broadband concerns or volunteering interests.

Hope to see you there!

Mark Aukeman,

Arrowsic/Georgetown Internet Needs Survey

Committee Minutes (Click on the link to read minutes)
BB Comm Mins 9-17-15

Latest update as of Aug 26. 2016
Latest BB update 08-26-16

BB Speed Survey Request
BB Speed Survey Request