Town Officials

Board of Selectmen (meet the second and fourth Tuesday each month, at 7 PM at the Town Office)
Geoff W. Birdsall 371-2387
Kate MacKay 371-2255
Dolores J. Pinette 371-2444

Assistant to the Selectmen
Mary McDonald 371-2820

Mary McDonald 371-2820

Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Amanda Campbell 371-2820

Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Cathy Collins 371-2820

General Assistance Coordinator
Mary McDonald 371-2253 (Emergency Only)

Animal Control Officer
Sarah Mancini 319-3922

Code Enforcement Officer
Jason Lang 522-3225

Emergency Management Director
Jerry Gamache 371-2316

Fire Chief
Justin LoDolce 837-2111

Forest Warden
Justin LoDolce 837-2111

Game Warden
Doug Kulis 371-2228

Tom Bolster 449-9421

Deputy Harbor Master
George Dufour 371-2235

Health Officer
Jane Whittaker 371-2661

Plumbing Inspector
Jason Lang 522-3225

Assistant Plumbing Inspector
Michael Kreindler 442-7443

Road Commissioner
Charlie Collins 841-8774

Shellfish Warden
Jon Hentz 371-2732

Deputy Shellfish Warden
Rich Donaldson 607-9652

Surveyor of Wood and Bark
James Bean 371-2395